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Printed Pinstripes Kit
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All pin stripes are ½" x 150' and are $59/roll

Diablo Pinstripes

Printed Pinstripes Kit
S207-044 (Lt. Gold on clear)
S207-55 (Black on clear)
S207-58 (Silver on clear)
S207-188 (Electric Red on clear)
Diablo Pinstripe Installed

Barbed Wire Pinstripes

Printed Pinstripes Kit
S206-044 (Lt. Gold on clear)
S206-55 (Black on clear)
S206-58 (Silver on clear)
Barbed Wire Pinstripe Installed

Chain Link Pinstripes

Printed Pinstripes Kit
S208-044 (Lt. Gold on clear)
S208-55 (Black on clear)
Chained Link Pinstripe Installed

Lightning Pinstripes

Printed Pinstripes Kit
S209-044 (Lt. Gold on clear)
S209-55 (Black on clear)
S209-58 (Silver on clear)
Lightning Pinstripe Installed

Tribal Pinstripes

Printed Pinstripes Kit
S241-044 (Lt. Gold on clear)
S241-55 (Black on clear)
S241-58 (Silver on clear)
S241-188 (Electric Red on clear)
Tribal Pinstripe Installed

Wildfire Pinstripes

Printed Pinstripes Kit
S242-044 (Lt. Gold on clear)
S242-55 (Black on clear)
S242-58 (Silver on clear)
S242-188 (Electric Red on clear)
Wildfire Pinstripe Installed

Raceway Pinstripes

Printed Pinstripes Kit
S243-044 (Lt. Gold on clear)
S243-55 (Black on clear)
S243-58 (Silver on clear)
S243-188 (Electric Red on clear)
Raceway Pinstripe Installed

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