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1985-87 TRANS AM

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1985-87 TRANS AM1985-87 TRANS AM
Kit Contents: Part #8586TA
(plus color & accent codes)

Part #1987TA
(plus color code)

1985-87 Trans Am Rear Bumper Decal

Note: Many 1987 model Trans Ams opted for the large hood bird on flat vented hoods.

1987 Kit features everything shown excluding stripes.

For more information, see 1987TA

  • 1 Hood bird ("outline" style)
  • 2 Sail panel birds
  • 2 Trans Am fender names
  • 1 Trans Am front bumper name
  • 1 Trans Am rear bumper name
  • 2 "5.0 Liter H.O." fender decals
    (5.0 Liter F.I. sold separately)
  • All lower body "square dot fade" striping
  • All lower body "accent" striping
  • Squeegee & Instructions
Color Choices:Color CodeAccent Code

Gold MetallicGoldOchre

Silver MetallicSilverRed or Blue

Charcoal MetallicCharcoalRed or Orange

Dark Brown Metallic (Gold cars)BrownOchre

Black Metallic (Custom Color)BlackRed

Phoenix Graphix is always devoted to providing our customers with the most complete and accurate decal kits. Complete on 3M vinyl, with striping, accent striping and a host of accurate components -- you will know you have received the most advanced and complete 1985-1987 decal kit available.

Check to include
on your order
1985-86 Trans Am Kit (includes everything above) $299
1985-87 Trans Am Large Hood Bird only$189
1985-86 Trans Am Kit (all but large Hood Bird; small nose bird supplied instead)$219
1985-86 "5.0 Liter F.I." Engine Designations (sold in pairs) (not included in above kits)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit
1985-86 Trans Am "Square dot fade stripe" with "Accent" Stripe Kit Only$139
1985-86 Set of 2 Sailbirds & 1 Nosebird only (3 pieces)$39
1982-87 Fuel Injection Door Handle Emblem Insert Set (Gold/Black) (P/N ED8287FI)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit
1985-92 Pontiac Rear Name and Bird (Red, Silver, Gold, Stencil)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit

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