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(2002 Collector Style)

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1993-2002 HOOD & SIDE FEATHERS<br><strong>(2002 Collector Style)</strong>
Kit Contents: Part 9302FBF
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  • 2 Hood Feather Stripes (L & R)
  • 2 Door Feather Stripes (L & R)
  • 2 Rear Quarter Panel Feather Stripes (L & R)
  • Squeegee & Instructions

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2002 Trans Am Collector Edition concludes a 33 year-run of the GM Pontiac Firebird and all its sub models.  Ending its reign as GM's premium muscle car, a beautiful stripe kit was factory applied to all 2,390 vehicles. The hood stripes begin with the infamous firebird logos and trail with a ribbon of feathers on the hood and car sides. This stripe kit is often called the Feathers Kit and fits all WS6 Ram Air or non-Ram Air hood vehicle at a very affordable price. Be sure to opt for the Ram Air hood decals you have the WS6 Ram Air. Available in all colors get yours now.

2002 Pontiac Trans Am Collector Edition

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1993-2002 Hood & Side Feathers Kit (includes everything above)$169
1998-2002 Bird for embossed front bumper$19 w/ kit
$29 w/o kit
1993-2002 "P-O-N-T-I-A-C" Lettering for embossed rear bumper$19 w/ kit
$29 w/o kit
1993-2002 "Trans Am" Names for Raised Door Emblems (pair)$19 w/ kit
$29 w/o kit
1993-2002 "Formula" Names for Raised Door Emblems (pair)$19 w/ kit
$29 w/o kit
1998-2002 "Firebird" Names for Raised Door Emblems (pair)$19 w/ kit
$29 w/o kit
1993-1997 Firebird "Bird" for Embossed Top-Front Nose Bird$9
1998-2002 "Ram Air" Hood Decals (Pair)$29 w/ kit
$39 w/o kit
1993-2002 "PONTIAC" Name for Driver's Side Pop up Headlight Door$9 w/ kit
$19 w/o kit
1993-2002 "Pontiac" Front Windshield Decal (White Only)$29 w/ kit
$39 w/o kit
1993-2002 "Pontiac" Rear Windshield Decal (White Only)$29 w/ kit
$29 w/o kit
1993-97 Firebird and Formula Rear Name and Bird (Red, Stencil)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit
1998-2002 Firebird and Formula Rear Name and Bird (Red, Stencil)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit
1993-2002 Trans Am Rear Name and Bird (Red, White, Stencil)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit

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