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1999 TRANS AM 30th ANNIVERSARY PACE CAR "Ultimate Kit"

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1999 TRANS AM 30th ANNIVERSARY PACE CAR "Ultimate Kit"
Kit Contents: Part 9930THU
(plus color code)
Only 1600 Made!

New and Improved!
  • 2 Hood stripes (L & R)
  • 2 "Ram Air" hood scoop decals
  • 2 Roof stripes (except convertible)
  • 2 Deck stripes
  • 2 Spoiler stripes
  • 2 Large feathers for door panels
  • 2 Large feathers for quarter panels
  • 2 Daytona 500 door decals
  • 2 "Great American Race" door decals
  • 2 "OFFICIAL PACE CAR" rocker panel decals
  • 2 Trans Am door decals
  • 1 P-O-N-T-I-A-C rear bumper name
  • 2 NASCAR Winston Cup Series lower front bumper decals
  • 2 NASCAR lower rear bumper decals
  • 1 Front Pontiac windshield decal
  • 1 Rear Pontiac windshield decal
  • Squeegee & Instructions

Color Choices:Color Code

Light Blue/Dark BlueBlue

1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 30th Anniversary Edition experiences the peak of Pontiac performance. Rated at 320 horsepower right out of the box, it is more horsepower than even the SD-455. General Motors GM commemorated 30 years of the Firebird Trans Am model (est '69) producing a limited 1,600 units. Whether Coupe or Convertible, they were fully loaded, numbered, and badged with stripes and decals. Indianapolis Indy 500 wanted in and named it the 1999 Indy 500 Pace Car. Every 30th Anniversary IS officially an Indy 500 Pace Car (replica).

Indy 500 Pace Car Decals (feathers, name decals, logos and racing icons) were so numerous, elaborate & pricey; they weren't included free in the trunk like all previous years' pace cars. Available for $500, the official source is no longer in existence. As GM Restoration Parts, we offer the GM factory-original 30th Anniversary Edition Stripe Kit (as came from factory) and Indianapolis Indy 500 Pace Car Door Decal & Feathers Stripe Kit (19-pieces). Kits are available separately, or together with price breaks given.

Chatter existed in that our "factory-original 30th Anniversary Edition Stripe Kit" could be improved. Since kit introduction, times changed and with it so has vinyl availability, inks, environmental conditions (effecting inks) and a myriad of other influences effected quality. Until Now! We have redeveloped this kit, improving it at great expense, while keeping pricing the same. Using 2,000 year-old technology, screen printing, we invested in the labor intensive task of manufacturing them the way the Big-3 automakers continue to do so. Additionally, we implemented the GM OEM template-positioning-tabs exactly like original; assuring perfect placement. Crisp artwork is Mona Lisa quality. Added together it's 1999 again, but with less expensive parts.

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1999 Trans Am 30th Anniversary Pace Car "Ultimate Kit" (Includes everything above)$699
1999 Trans Am Pace Car Over the Top Stripe Kit (P/N 9930TH)$429
1999 Trans Am Pace Car Door & Feathers Decal Kit (P/N 1999DD)$399
1998-2002 Bird for embossed front bumper$19 w/ kit
$29 w/o kit
1998-2002 "PONTIAC" Name for Driver's Side Pop up Headlight Door$9 w/ kit
$19 w/o kit
1999-2002 Trans Am Rear Name and Bird (White (1999 30th Anniversary), Silver (2002 Collectors Edition), Stencil)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit

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